Top 10 Outdoor Movie Screenings Los Angeles

Let’s explore Top 10 outdoor movie screenings Los Angeles that will make the most of your experience. Note all of them, grab your picnic blankets and popcorn and get ready to spend a warm summer night under the stars. Spoiler: Some are completely free!

Introduction to Outdoor Movie Screenings Los Angeles

Outdoor movie Screenings Los Angeles are a collection of events where movies are projected outdoors on a big screen for people to enjoy. These events typically take place during the evenings and offer a unique and social way to watch a film.

Out Door Movies Screenings in LA
Out Door Movies Screenings in LA

Here are some highlights of outdoor movies in Los Angeles:

  • Venues: They can be held in a variety of locations, like rooftops with city views (Rooftop Cinema Club), historic landmarks (Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery), parks, or even open spaces near shopping areas (ROW DTLA).
  • Ambiance: The atmosphere is often casual and festive, with people bringing blankets, lawn chairs, and sometimes even picnics to enjoy before the movie starts.
  • Food and Drinks: Some events, like Street Food Cinema, incorporate food trucks offering a variety of cuisines. Others may have concessions or allow you to bring your own food and drinks.
  • Movie Selection: The selection of films can vary depending on the organizer. Some series focus on classics or cult films (Cinespia), while others show recent releases or a mix of genres (Rooftop Cinema Club).

Overall, outdoor movies in Los Angeles provide a fun and alternative way to experience cinema under the stars.

Benefits of Watching Movies Outdoors

There are several benefits to watching movies outdoors in L.A that you might not experience at a traditional indoor theater:

Social Experience

One of the primary attractions of outdoor movies is the social aspect. Unlike traditional movie theaters, outdoor screenings encourage interaction among attendees. Whether you’re sharing a blanket with friends or striking up a conversation with strangers, these events foster a sense of community and camaraderie.

Enjoyment of Nature

Another benefit of outdoor movies is the opportunity to enjoy nature while being entertained. Many venues are set in picturesque locations such as parks, rooftops, and even beaches, allowing viewers to bask in the beauty of their surroundings while watching a film.

Enjoyment of nature with outdoor movie screenings Los Angeles
Enjoyment of nature with outdoor movie screenings Los Angeles

Variety of Locations

Los Angeles offers a diverse array of outdoor movie venues, each with its own unique charm. From iconic landmarks like Griffith Park to unconventional settings like cemeteries and rooftops, moviegoers can choose from a wide range of locations to suit their preferences.

Exploring top outdoor movie Screenings Los Angeles

When summer begins officially, which means it’s time to mark your calendar with all of the outdoor movies Lost Angeles. And here are some options for outdoor movies in Los Angeles:

Rooftop Cinema Club

This theater offers stunning views of the downtown skyline and a variety of movies throughout the week. They have locations in DTLA and Westwood.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is home to one of the most popular outdoor movie events in LA, the Cinespia Cemetery Screenings. Held at the historic Hollywood Forever Cemetery, this series features classic films shown against the backdrop of mausoleums and palm trees, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Top outdoor movie Screenings Los Angeles
Top outdoor movie Screenings Los Angeles


This popular series takes place at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, with screenings of classic and cult films. The season typically runs from May to September.

Street Food Cinema

This series combines outdoor movies with gourmet food trucks, live music, and other activities. They have screenings at various locations throughout Los Angeles including Will Rogers State Historic Park, Westdrift Manhattan Beach and LA State Historic Park.

Outdoor Cinemas

This company puts on occasional outdoor movie nights at different locations around Los Angeles. You can find their schedule on their website.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

In addition to Cinespia, Hollywood Forever Cemetery hosts a variety of other outdoor movie events throughout the year. From cult classics to contemporary favorites, there’s always something interesting playing at this iconic venue.

Keep in mind that all of the outdoor movies Los Angeles are more common in the spring and summer months, so your options will be more limited in March. However, there are still a few screenings happening this month, such as at Rooftop Cinema Club.

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