Best Places To Live In Massachusetts: Top 19 Cities & Places

While Massachusetts is well-known for its rich history and legacy, its vibrant cities and college towns display an intriguing blend of old and contemporary. Those make them the best places to live in Massachusetts since centuries-old landmarks related to the early Pilgrims and the American Revolution coexist with thriving downtown districts and university campuses.

Best Places To Live In Massachusetts

As the most populated state in New England, Massachusetts serves as a cultural and financial center for the region, with Greater Boston serving as its major metropolitan area. Its prominent institutes of higher learning have also had a significant effect on the country’s government and growth, with both MIT and Harvard situated in Cambridge.

Best Places To Live In Massachusetts And Cost of Living Boston
Best Places To Live In Massachusetts And Cost of Living Boston

Many of the greatest cities in Massachusetts are among the top in the United States for living and raising a family, owing to its excellent education system and well-paying employment. If that isn’t enough, gorgeous areas like Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard aren’t far away if you want a peaceful weekend vacation or a serene escape.

1. Boston

Is Boston a good place to live?
Is Boston a good place to live?

Boston, Massachusetts’s state capitol and largest city, is unquestionably one of the greatest locations to live and visit. While its historic cobblestone alleys are full of intriguing Colonial and Revolutionary War landmarks, it also has a pulsing nightlife and exhilarating athletic events to offer. Someone wondering “is Boston a good place to live?”. The answer is an absolute yes.

The city, which dominates the eastern Massachusetts Bay area, serves as the cultural and financial capital for all of New England. While the cost of living in Boston and housing is very expensive, residents enjoy excellent public services and, of course, have all of Boston’s spectacular attractions right on their doorstep.

Aside from strolling along the Freedom Trail and viewing major landmarks from the city’s and country’s battle for freedom, you may unwind along its gorgeous harborfront or visit some vibrant pubs. No vacation is complete unless you see the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, or New England Patriots play in front of their adoring supporters.

2. Waltham

Best places to live in Massachusetts: Waltham
Best places to live in Massachusetts: Waltham

Worcester, known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth” due to its central location, is the second-most populated city in New England after Boston. In addition to its great innovations, its beautiful hills and valleys are home to a whopping twelve schools and institutions, with many students migrating here to study.

Despite its enormous student population, Worcester is not a college town, since its educational institutions have left a minimal influence on the city. Instead, many families and young people of all nationalities and cultures choose to live here because of the excellent public schools and abundant open areas.

Because the city is relatively spread out, many of its most noteworthy monuments and museums are quite far apart. The Worcester Art Museum and the beautiful Elm Park are must-see attractions, and the stately 1857 Mechanics Halls hosts a full calendar of world-class plays and concerts.

3. Lexington

Best places to live in Massachusetts: Lexington, known as the "Birthplace of American Liberty
Best places to live in Massachusetts: Lexington, known as the “Birthplace of American Liberty

Lexington, known as the “Birthplace of American Liberty,” is located even further northwest of Somerville. On the road to Concord, you may stop by the Minute Man National Historical Park and view the Battle Green, where ‘The Shot Heard ‘Round the World’ was fired.

It was founded as an agricultural hamlet by Europeans in 1641 and currently features various historic parks and buildings going back to the Colonial and Revolutionary War eras. These include the Buckman and Munroe taverns, while the aforementioned historical park recounts the events leading up to the American Revolutionary War, as well as the major persons and sites involved.

While most visitors come to see the battlefields and the historic downtown, Lexington is also a great location to live. This is due to its high rankings for schools, housing, and career possibilities, as well as its proximity to the enormous Burlington Mall and Boston’s bustling downtown.

4. Leverett

Best places to live in Massachusetts: Leverett promotes an old-fashioned way of life
Best places to live in Massachusetts: Leverett promotes an old-fashioned way of life

If peace and quiet are important aspects of your site evaluation, Leverett is the place to be. Leverett, located in Franklin County, made our list because of its low cost of living in comparison to the benefits it provides. Aside from the quiet and gorgeous surroundings, the little village of 2,000 people is served by a highly regarded school system and has an essentially non-existent crime rate.

With property prices averaging $343,900, life is inexpensive for a city of its scale. However, as a resident, you will have to deal with the fact that there are no taverns, restaurants, or movie theaters in the region.

You might say that Leverett promotes an old-fashioned way of life since it compensates for this scarcity with a plethora of natural attractions and things to do.

5. Cambridge

Best places to live in Massachusetts: Cambridge is a wonderful city in Middlesex County
Best places to live in Massachusetts: Cambridge is a wonderful city in Middlesex County

Cambridge is a wonderful city in Middlesex County and is regarded as one of the greatest locations to live in Massachusetts. Cambridge is just approximately a 12-minute drive from Boston and is most known as the home of Ivy League institution Harvard University, which is one of the area’s key draws. Many university students, young professionals, and famous academics make Cambridge home because of its metropolitan vibe.

Cambridge recently rated the fourth wealthiest city and the best places to live in New England region, is an affluent place that is still 27% less costly than living in New York. While Cambridge may not be one of the safest cities in the US due to its relatively high crime rate, it still has a lot to offer its citizens in terms of academics, career prospects, and desirable facilities.

As one of New England’s primary industrial cities, Cambridge has developed greatly over the years while maintaining its important place in the country as a center of high-class and exceptional education.

Cambridge has been an important intellectual center for centuries, with the excellent Harvard Art Museums and the Peabody Museum of Archaeology among its principal attractions. The city’s safe streets, active atmosphere, and diversified population make it an excellent destination to live, work, and visit.

6. Winchester

Best places to live in New England: Winchester is a Boston suburb
Best places to live in New England: Winchester is a Boston suburb

Winchester is a Boston suburb with a population of 22,000 inhabitants. This is one of those villages that was specifically constructed with families in mind. Indeed, Winchester has been largely regarded as such since the 1970s, and the town has maintained this distinction ever since.

Winchester’s school district, like practically every other family town in Massachusetts, is one of the best cities in Massachusetts, receiving the highest possible score of 10 on GreatSchools. There is little violence in the neighborhood, and the village is a short drive from the large metropolis. Mystic Lakes is a popular hangout for residents who wish to swim, paddle, sail, or ice skate.

On the other hand, living in Winchester is not inexpensive. On average, rent is $1,565 a month. And if you want to splurge out on a dream house, there are plenty of alternatives in the neighborhood, however, this will cost you back $738,200 on average.

7. Newton

Best Places To Live In Massachusetts: Newton, as Garden City
Best Places To Live In Massachusetts: Newton, as Garden City

Newton, affectionately known as the “Garden City” because of its lush natural areas, is only a twenty-minute drive west of downtown Boston. The neighborhood was founded around 1630 and is now one of its oldest neighborhoods, with clusters of attractive Victorian houses and antique mansions still located here and there.

Newton is frequently recognized as one of the greatest locations to live in the United States, and it is made up of thirteen villages, each with its own distinct appearance, feel, and character. Newton Center serves as the city’s major core of activity, with a plethora of lively stores and companies along its streets. The suburb’s main public park and the gorgeous Crystal Lake are also nearby.

It not only has one of the strongest public school systems in the Commonwealth, but it also provides citizens with first-rate service and safe streets. The Boston Marathon is held in April along Commonwealth Avenue in Newton, which is surrounded by gorgeous buildings and a green mall with statues.

8. Sharon

Sharon: one of best places to retire in Massachusetts
Sharon: one of best places to retire in Massachusetts

Sharon is a tiny town in the Massachusetts county of Norfolk. There were 18,575 people residing there as of the 2020 census. In Sharon, Henry P. Kendall established the city’s famed whaling museum. Sharon is one of the safest and best towns to live in MA, with a crime rate of approximately 2.26 per 1,000 people. Sharon’s median house value is $771,812. Sharon, Massachusetts has some of the greatest nightlife in the state, including establishments such as Fusion Bar & Night Club, Public House, and C.F. McCarthy’s.

Sharon, MA is without a doubt the richest city, with a per capita income of more than $75,706 which is sufficient in comparison to other Massachusetts cities. However, the city is regarded as a poor town. This is owing to the residents’ tendency to look down on middle-class individuals due to their riches. Some areas of the city are inaccessible or unaffordable to the poor.

Sharon, MA is an ethically diverse city. The city is made up of five primary ethnic groups: 85% white people, 9.38% Asian people, 4.2% African Americans, 0.4% other races, and 1.02% Native Americans.

9. Provincetown

Provincetown: best cities in Massachusetts
Provincetown: best cities in Massachusetts

Provincetown, located near the point of Cape Cod, is a popular and scenic tourist destination. It is one of America’s oldest artist communities, with lovely beaches and stunning coastline scenery, as well as a plethora of quirky boutiques and art galleries.

‘P-town,’ the original landing location of the Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower in 1620, began as a fishing and whaling hub before becoming a sanctuary for painters, poets, and playwrights. The quiet beach settlement’s open and friendly attitude has continued, and it is today a favorite residential and travel destination for the LGBTQ population.

Along Commercial Street, you’ll find hundreds of fascinating galleries and seafood restaurants, as well as cutting-edge theaters and stylish pubs. Provincetown is a lovely location to live because of its strong arts and cultural scene and the neighboring gorgeous Cape Cod National Seashore. Its nice, inviting population and the joyful atmosphere in its streets further add to its allure.

10. Marblehead

Marblehead: a Boston suburb in Essex County
Marblehead: a Boston suburb in Essex County

Marblehead, a Boston suburb in Essex County with over 20,000 people, is next on our list of the 15 finest places to live in Massachusetts.

The crime rate in Marblehead is slightly higher than in most of the other cities on our list, but this does not imply that the city is hazardous. It is anything but; what defines crime in some of these regions may be, for example, stealing a bottle of wine after a nice gathering.

Marblehead families earn an average of $102,993 per household. Their children are taught by some of the brightest minds in the country in public schools that have nearly flawless ratings on GreatSchools.

Marblehead is also determined to develop a feeling of community, which is passed on to students via the Marblehead High School booster club, which grants academic scholarships for athletic performance (and off of it).

11. Sudbury

Sudbury, a lovely town in Middlesex County: Best places to live in the Northeast
Sudbury, a lovely town in Middlesex County: Best places to live in the Northeast

Sudbury is a lovely town in Middlesex County that has everything going for it. Crime in the region is a strange idea to the area’s 18,400 people. Its public schools are highly rated and recognized as among the best in the state.

Students at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, for example, have been acing science, mathematics, and English subjects on the MCAS in recent years, with a minimum score of 90%. Medical care is easily accessible in the town, and food stores, restaurants, and shopping are only a short drive away. Sudbury is a close-knit town where people gather for a variety of events such as movies, holiday meals, and more.

Even several people recognize that the biggest disadvantage of living in the region is the high expense of living. The median price of a home is $640,700, whereas the average rent is $569. However, finding a rental in the region is not straightforward.  Sudbury’s median family income is $165,745.

12. Summerville

Summerville: best towns to live in MA
Summerville: best towns to live in MA

Somerville is an 81,175-person city situated approximately northwest of Boston. Somerville is definitely your best choice if you prefer to be in the thick of everything. It is not just the most densely inhabited city in Massachusetts, but also the most densely populated city in New England. That’s one of the reasons we ranked Somerville the greatest city in Massachusetts for singles.

Somerville has no core commercial center, but rather a collection of distinct neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personality. This provides you with a wide range of possibilities for how to spend your spare time, from the shopping paradise of Assembly Row to the pulsating nightlife of Davis Square.

You should brush up on your knowledge before attending a quiz night in Somerville since the individuals here are extremely well-educated. To give you an indication, around 30% of inhabitants hold a master’s degree, Ph.D., or professional degree. Residents with that level of education make the fifth highest median household income in the state, $102,311/year. Which is especially welcome given that the median property price in the state is $709,800.

13. Concord

Concord: Best Places To Live In Massachusetts
Concord: Best Places To Live In Massachusetts

Concord is in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. It was the location of the first Revolutionary War battle, which took place in 1635. Concord’s crime rate is lower than that of comparable-sized municipalities. Concord, according to FBI crime statistics, is safer than other similarly sized American cities. There are less expensive options, such as a three-bedroom, two-bath single-family house for $400,000, but the area is pricey. Concord’s nightlife is fantastic because of its restaurants, shops, and appealing venues.

Concord is a wealthy white neighborhood. Concord residents are very pleasant, houses are pricey, schools are good, and the cost of living in Massachusetts and median household income are always on the upper side. Overall, the society’s tradition, culture, and history are nearly unrivaled by the rest of the state’s cities.

Concord, is a beautiful, multicultural, pleasant, and progressive community in which to live and raise a family. It is close to Boston, allowing access to all of its amenities, yet far enough away to provide a tranquil and relaxing environment. Top schools, historic buildings, agricultural fields, and an abundance of recreational possibilities draw people here and make the city the talk of the town.

14. Newburyport

Newburyport, a tiny city on the Merrimack River's southern bank
Newburyport, a tiny city on the Merrimack River’s southern bank

Newburyport is a tiny city on the Merrimack River’s southern bank, 5 miles south of New Hampshire. Our ancient seaport has residents that are 45 years old on average, making it the oldest location on this list. That experience is useful for creating an egalitarian economy. Only 5.5% of inhabitants are poor, making it the third lowest rate in Massachusetts. And, given that elderly person with plenty of money are less likely to commit crimes, Newburyport having the fifth lowest crime rate in the state is expected.

In Newburyport, which boasts the second lowest high school drop-out rate in Massachusetts, the slogan “stay in school” surely applies. That hard work pays off, because Newburyport residents earn a lot of money, with the typical family income standing at $110,740 per year. Which is sort of important when your home costs the fourth highest in the state.

While downtown Newburyport is beautiful on its own, we suggest spending a day on Plum Island as well. Anyone who enjoys beaches, bird watching, fishing, or simply resting will have a great day here.

15. Beverly

Beverly: Best Places To Live In Massachusetts
Beverly: Best Places To Live In Massachusetts

Beverly is a city on Massachusetts’ North Shore with a population of 42,062. If having gigs and concerts in your neighborhood is important to you, try moving Beverly up a few spaces on our list. With the Larcom Theatre presenting new musical and theatrical performance acts each month and The Cabot holding concerts and movies, you’ll never be stuck for ideas for a romantic night.

Parents will also be pleased to discover that the Beverly School District spends nearly 50% more per pupil than the state average in Massachusetts. You won’t have to be concerned about your children’s safety in Beverly, either, because the crime rate is almost 75% less than the national average and ranks first in Massachusetts.

In terms of the economy, Beverly has no red flags. The unemployment rate is 2.6%, while the poverty rate of 10.3% ranks 13th in Massachusetts. While the median household income of $84,354 is on the low end of this list, it is still the ninth highest in the state.

16. Salem

Salem: famous for the witch trials
Salem: famous for the witch trials

The picturesque coastal city of Salem, which is famous for the witch trials that shocked the community in 1692, is also rich in history. It is one of the most popular sites to visit in Massachusetts due to its beautiful seafront, rich history, and world-class Peabody Essex Museum.

It was founded in 1626 near the protected Salem Harbor and went on to become one of the most significant ports in America’s early history. Although it is most known for the Salem Witch Trials, it also played an important part throughout the American Revolutionary War and grew considerably as a result of its rich Old China Trade.

Hundreds of well-preserved historic structures showcase the city’s strong maritime history. The Witch House and the House of Seven Gables from Hawthorne’s novel are two of Salem’s most notable attractions. Although overtourism has had an influence on residents’ quality of life in recent years, many people continue to migrate here because of the abundance of attractions and low cost of living compared to other locations in Greater Boston.

Some local attractions you should visit are the Salem Witch Museum, the House of the Seven Gables, the Peabody Essex Museum, and the Salem Witch Trials Memorial.

17. Springfield

Springfield: Best Places To Live In Massachusetts
Springfield: Best Places To Live In Massachusetts

Springfield, the largest city in western New England, serves as a cultural, economic, and media center for the surrounding area. As a result, many individuals relocate here for the many economic prospects and leisure alternatives, which include attractions such as the Basketball Hall of Fame and Six Flags.

It is known as the “City of Firsts” because of the numerous noteworthy innovations that started there. It is located on the Connecticut River’s eastern bank. Springfield is experiencing a cultural revival as a result of greater economic investment, following decades of bad development decisions. Being a member of the Knowledge Corridor has also assisted it to recruit businesses and personnel.

Apart from wandering through its walkable Metro Center and seeing the Quadrangle’s outstanding institutions, tourists may also view many lovely old Victorian buildings in some of its more wealthy neighborhoods.

18. Melrose

Melrose is our second greatest spot to live in Massachusetts
Melrose is our second greatest spot to live in Massachusetts

Melrose is our second greatest spot to live in Massachusetts, and we’re staying in the Greater Boston region. Melrose, like Newton, is one of the wealthiest communities in Massachusetts, so come prepared. The median home price in the city is $599,600, ranking fifth in the state. Residents do, however, have the second-highest median family income, so it all works out as long as your property brings in roughly $114,604 each year.

At 3.9% and 4.2%, respectively, the poverty and unemployment rates are the lowest in Massachusetts. Given that economic issues and criminal activity frequently connect, it’s no surprise that Melrose is quite safe. In fact, Melrose had the state’s third-lowest crime rate, approximately 75% lower than the national average.

On the less quantitative aspect of things, the Melrose region has a number of fantastic sites for outdoor enthusiasts. Middlesex Fells Reservation, a sprawling park offering hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and other activities, is a local favorite.

19. Medford

Medford definitely has everything
Medford definitely has everything

Medford definitely has everything. Medford people can go everywhere they need to go fast because it is only a few minutes from downtown Boston, is divided by Interstate 93, and is accessible by public transportation. The population is 60,847, making it a rather significant community in the Boston region.

Medford is quite safe for being so near to Boston. It has a 22% lower crime rate than the rest of Massachusetts, making it a wonderful environment for everybody, including families, young professionals, and seniors. The areas have a somewhat suburban vibe, with single-family houses and an abundance of public parks. As a result, real estate is rather overpriced. The median home presently costs $716,700, which is around 24% more than the state average. Medford’s cost of living is approximately 13% more than the state average in Massachusetts.

One of Medford’s benefits is that it is home to the world-renowned Tufts University. As the location of such a famous college, it must have the infrastructure and companies to accommodate the large number of students that call it home. As a result, there are several restaurants and pubs, as well as a fantastic downtown area. Nature enthusiasts now have a surprising alternative so near to the city. Middlesex Fells is a 2,200-acre reserve with five distinct villages. There are picnic spaces, sports fields, walking routes, and a peaceful environment to enjoy.

The Bottom Line

Massachusetts might be among the most costly states to live in. Its towns and cities, however, are rich in history, activity, and culture. Each brings a distinct sense of belonging to the table, and the state offers something for everyone. This list of the top 19 best places to live in Massachusetts is only the beginning; there are countless other villages to discover in this New England powerhouse.

Above are top 19 best places to live in Massachusetts we suggest you should try when going travel from Hope you are satisfied with this information.

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