20+ Best Coffee in Portland You Can Not Miss

Portland was one of the first specialty coffee hotspots. The rise in popularity of high-quality craft coffee may be traced back to the Portland area, notably to Stumptown Roasters. Stumptown debuted in Portland in 1999, ushering in the third-wave coffee culture we now enjoy.

Portland and Best coffee in Portland you must to try asap

What do you know about Portland?
What do you know about Portland?

Unsurprisingly, Portland remains one of the top coffee cities in the United States and the globe. There is no other place on the planet with a larger concentration of specialty roasters and coffee shops. In this article, we will reveal our top 21 best coffee in Portland. Choosing only 21 was difficult because there are so many options, but we think you’ll like our selections. Let’s get started!

Lionheart Coffee Company

Lionheart Coffee Company - Nice coffee and more delicious drinks
Lionheart Coffee Company – Nice coffee and more delicious drinks

Address: 4590 SW Watson Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005, United States

Lionheart has become the specialty coffee destination for individuals who live west of Portland, with stores in Tigard and Beaverton. Lionheart includes a range of rotating roasters — places like Junior’s, Foxy Coffee, and Sunday Coffee Project — offered as batch brew, espresso, and cold brew; also, Lionheart experiments with other manual brewing techniques, such as Chemex and Melodrip. The second facility in downtown Beaverton offers plenty of seating for guests and is open later than the original location in Tigard, making it ideal for people searching for a place to work or study. For those searching for something other than coffee, this location has a large food menu as well as a selection of wine and beer.

Coava Coffee Roasters

You find cute coffee shops near me: This is for you
You find cute coffee shops near me: This is for you

Address: 1300 SE Grand Ave a, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Because of its outstanding coffee, baristas, and location, Coava stands out amid a throng of excellent Portland coffee shops. Let us begin by stating that the Coava premises are absolutely enormous. The seating area is large and open, with an industrial style that wonderfully reflects our image of a modern coffee shop. It’s worth going merely to soak up the atmosphere.

Fortunately, Coava isn’t just about architecture. The coffee is out-of-this-world wonderful and expertly brewed. The baristas are delightful to converse with and help to create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. Coava is one of the best coffee shops we’ve ever visited, and not just in Portland. If you live nearby or are in Portland on business or holiday, you must see them at 1300 SE Grand Ave (A).

Cathedral Coffee

Cathedral Coffee to question coffee places around me
Cathedral Coffee to question coffee places around me

Address: 7530 N Willamette Blvd, Portland, OR 97203, United States

Cathedral Coffee in North Portland is one of Portland’s greatest coffee shops for a laid-back, calm vibe. Cathedral takes pride in being a welcoming local café. Visitors commend the baristas’ friendliness and the environment, which invites you to sit back and relax for a bit.

Cathedral Coffee makes outstanding coffee and tea, but its bakery, which makes goods in-house from expertly sourced ingredients, is one of the most popular attractions. The coffee shop offers a diverse, rotating menu of sweet, savory, vegan, and gluten-free delights.


Either-or- one of cool coffee shops near me in Portland you should try
Either-or- one of cool coffee shops near me in Portland you should try

Address: 4003 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97227

Either/Or is a cool hideaway in Portland’s Sellwood area named after renowned Portland singer & songwriter Elliott Smith’s third studio project. Ro Tam’s coffee business is built around a special multi-roaster program that serves the best products from Portland-area roasters chosen using a blind-cupping approach to eliminate brand bias. A rotating seasonal beverage collection of coffee mocktails is prepared to mixology standards, while a flight-tasting program allows guests to sample many variations of nice coffee, espresso, tea, and chai beverages. Visitors can also experience globally inspired culinary options such as bok choy, Chinese-style sausage bowls with kimchi, and soft-boiled eggs at the firm’s second location on North Williams. Cocktails are offered in the evening, and late-night DJ sets are provided.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters - For your question Cafes near me
Stumptown Coffee Roasters – For your question Cafes near me

Address: 128 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, Oregon

It’s no surprise that the Stumptown coffee roasters are at the top of a list compiled specifically to recognize the greatest coffee businesses in Portland. A coffee roastery par excellence noted for its high-quality beans and well-mannered, skilled staff. Founded in 1999, and since the franchise has opened multiple locations throughout the city, they have been credited with the present increase in the popularity of artisan coffee!

Here are some things you should look forward to if you ever decide to go hunting for a good cup of coffee. A terrific range of exceptional coffee, a lovely ambiance with a rusty coffee scent, superior coffee bean quality, and superb customer service. Stumptown Coffee offers both 100 % satisfaction and delicious coffee.

The staff around the place may periodically chime in to strike up a pleasant chat with the clients and give some tips and advice. They answer your questions politely. It’s a great spot to spend some time celebrating specialty coffee, catching up with friends for a couple of hours, or simply enjoying a cup of freshness before work.

Prince Coffee

Best coffee in Portland: Prince Coffee
Best coffee in Portland: Prince Coffee

Address: 4523 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR 97213

Prince Coffee is a Dutch-inspired café and stroopwafel shop in North Portland’s Kenton neighborhood that was founded in 2016 by former Barista employee Katie Prinsen as part of the Revive Upholstery and Design space. The small but enchanting coffee shop features Revive showroom decor elements alongside a custom-built coffee bar, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for patrons. Menus are influenced by Prinsen’s childhood trips to the Netherlands, and all stroopwafel variations are made in-house daily. Roasts from local coffee producers Coava, Proud Mary, and Roseline are available in beverages such as corridors, macchiatos, and mochas, with tea and tap kombucha also available as coffee alternative options.

La Perlita

La Perlita: small coffee shops near me
La Perlita: small coffee shops near me

Address: 5620 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217

La Perlita, which serves specialty coffees, teas, and pastries, provides a new take on traditional coffee and tea with its collection of specialty drinks. Experience a Mexican Coffee or a Caramel Rosemary Latte with the works. La Perlita’s baristas are experts in their craft, and a number of their specialty drinks feature lovely coffee art on top.

They also serve good Mexican restaurant fares like empanadas, chorizo, quesadillas, and eggs. Pan dulce, muffins, doughnuts, crumble, and cakes are among the pastries available. La Perlita is a must-visit for anyone looking for a great Portland coffee shop because of its beautiful interior, friendly staff, and fantastic view.

Good Coffee


If you find Cozy cafes near me: Good Coffee is for you
If you find Cozy cafes near me: Good Coffee is for you

Address: 1150 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Really, the name says it all. Actually, Good Coffee is an understatement because the coffee at Good Coffee is more accurately described as fantastic. Our cappuccino was crafted to perfection using high-quality beans and professional techniques.

Good Coffee features a charming seating space that transports you to your grandmother’s back porch sunroom. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and time flies by as you sip your coffee while basking in the greenery and warmth. Good cup of coffee is a fantastic spot to spend a few hours working or resting.

Roseline Coffee

Finding Cool coffee shops near me: Roseline Coffee
Finding Cool coffee shops near me: Roseline Coffee

Address: 1015 SE 11th Ave #100, Portland, OR 97214

Roseline Coffee’s core mission is simple: to make great coffee. Their unique blends come from all over the world, from Ethiopia to Peru to Kenya. Roseline Coffee is dedicated to working with producers to achieve equality and fair-trade opportunities so that you can be confident that you are receiving the finest and fairest cup of coffee at Roseline.

Roseline Café’s clean modern space, which they have refined over the years, provides a wonderful environment to work or simply relax for the day. Their coffee is housemade and freshly brewed for you, and their desserts are one-of-a-kind and freshly baked. Take a look at the matcha pastry with strawberry icing or a traditional iced americano. Great coffee and nice service make this corner shop a lovely place to visit if you’re looking for some good coffee in Portland.

Proud Mary

Charming Cafe: Proud Mary
Charming Cafe: Proud Mary

Address: 2012 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211, United States

Proud Mary’s Portland branch is the sole one in the United States for one of Australia’s most popular coffee businesses, which was launched in Melbourne in 2009 by a married couple Shari and Nolan Hirte. The company’s North Portland facility, which launched in 2017, lends a distinctively Portland mentality to its globally-infused menu, which contains a coffee showcase program that works directly with farm growers and boasts many Cup of Excellence-winning brews.

Traditional coffee shop beverages like flat whites and cold brews are augmented by more complex choices like $10-a-cup Panamanian Geisha coffee or turmeric-infused chai lattes. A large collection of specialty teas is also available, as are delectable brunch options including scorched peach ricotta hotcakes, Dungeness crab omelets, and Aussie staple vegemite toast.

Heart Coffee Roasters

Heart Coffee Roasters: For Your Question Good Coffee near me
Heart Coffee Roasters: For Your Question Good Coffee near me

Address: 2211 E Burnside Portland, OR 97205

Not only the natives but also esteemed reviewers like Conde Nast Traveler rate Heart Coffee Roasters as one of the greatest coffee enterprises in Portland. The founder of Heart Coffee Roasters is Finnish, so it’s no wonder that the coffee business, which now has 3 locations in downtown Portland, Oregon, has a unique Nordic flavor.

The site shows organically obtained beans from several local organizations and states including Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. These beans are extremely significant because they provide clients with a one-of-a-kind, high-quality, and tasty coffee experience!

From pour-over coffee to French press coffee, customers can experience the great quality of its coffee beans. Although all three locations serve expertly brewed coffee, a trip to the chain’s flagship location, Eastside Cafe, is recommended if you want to see the massive coffee roaster that acts as the establishment’s main point.

The coffee shop is dedicated to boosting coffee consumption and even provides anecdotes and recommendations on its blog. Not only that, but it also provides tips on the best brewing techniques!


Tov - Unique Coffee in Portland
Tov – Unique Coffee in Portland

Address: 3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

Tov is Portland’s only mobile café, and it has been parked permanently on SE Hawthorne Boulevard since 2015. Egyptian immigrant Joseph Nazir owns and operates the double-decker coffee bus, which serves a wide range of traditional espresso beverages as well as authentic Egyptian and Turkish-style coffees and teas, such as rose-flavored lattes,  cardamom-infused blends, pistachio and coconut sahlep, and clever mochas blended with wine sauce or aji panca chiles.

A selection of Egyptian-style pastries, such as falafel croissants and baalawa, complement the beverages. The shop’s decor is Middle Eastern, with comfortable chairs and colorful rugs available in its second-floor dining area.

Nossa Familia Coffee

Nossa Familia Coffee
Nossa Familia Coffee

Address: 1350 NW Lovejoy St, Portland, OR 97209

Nossa Familia Coffee is a great coffee store with four locations in Portland. It was founded in 2004 by Brazilian native Augusto Carvalho Dias Carneiro, who introduces more than a century of family coffee-producing experience to the Portland coffee culture. The business is Oregon’s first Certified B Corp roaster and is dedicated to obtaining the world’s greatest family-farmed specialty coffees from top-growing areas such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Peru in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Portuguese-style spicy mocha fogos and classic Brazilian-style cafezinhos are among the specialty beverages available throughout the day. A comprehensive menu of tea beverages is also available, as are bagels from Bowery Bagels and desserts from Gabriel’s, a local bakery.

Ovation Coffee And Tea

Ovation Coffee And Tea - The Best Coffee in Portland you should try when going there
Ovation Coffee And Tea – The Best Coffee in Portland you should try when going there

Address: 941 NW Overton St, Portland, OR 97209, United States

It’s difficult to decide what to order with so many wonderful coffee and tea options offered at the Ovation Coffee and Tea Shop. Among the well-known Portland coffee shops, the Ovation Coffee store has made a name for itself through its innovative approach to experimental coffee!

It not only specializes in coffee and tea with Moroccan spices but also with the Pistachio Latte being praised in reviews as being fantastic with one of its freshly baked scones.

Ovation also serves espresso, cappuccino, and other similar beverages. With a cafeteria-like atmosphere, the coffee shop relies on the high quality of its goods and exceptional service rather than a spectacular ambiance!

The one minor disadvantage of the coffee is that it is rather pricey, but not to the point where people would not return. If you are a coffee connoisseur, you may return for its visually experimented selection of various coffee.

Upper Left Roasters

Upper Left Roasters - cute coffee shop names and have delicious drinks
Upper Left Roasters – cute coffee shop names and have delicious drinks

Address: 1204 SE Clay St, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Upper Left Roasters is a creative Scandinavian-influenced coffee business in Portland’s Ladd’s Addition neighborhood, founded by father-daughter combo Jim and Katherine Harris in August 2015. The boutique cafe and roastery has transformed a former dive bar into an appealing, airy breakfast location, providing wonderful floral-forward roasts of locally sourced single-origin coffees in small batches.

Little T Baker’s limited food menu concentrates on unique toasts made from locally sourced bread, such as avocado toasts and versions topped with Bee Local honey. Open-faced sandwiches are also available, as are inventive specialties like Turkish-style eggs with herb and garlic yogurt. The business also has a second location downtown on SW Morrison.

Push X Pull

Push X Pull - Betiful Decoration and Nice Drinks
Push X Pull – Betiful Decoration and Nice Drinks

Address: 821 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214

Push X Pull, a top-tier coffee roaster in Portland, is a self-described feel-good, do-good hangout. Push X Pull identifies itself as a spot to do life and roast coffee to honor life’s goodness.

This roaster is proud to offer some of the most special coffees available, and they spend a significant amount of time developing new flavors for customers to try.Push X Pull is famous for its consistent, professionally made coffee, which they source from Peru, Honduras, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. Classics such as latte, cortado, americano, and cappuccino are available.

If you enjoy good coffee, the in-house roasted savory brews prepared especially for you will make you happy. Push X Pull has a relaxing atmosphere as well, with many people working on laptop computers or reading. If you’re looking for the best coffee in Portland, this is the place to go.

Keeper Coffee Co

Keeper Coffee Co - a good option to find best coffee in Portland
Keeper Coffee Co – a good option to find best coffee in Portland

Address: 4515 SE 41st Ave, Portland, OR 97202

With its marbled cafe tables and attractively vintage wooden seats, the lovely tiny cafe appears to be nothing short of a coffee enthusiast’s dream. The stunning atmosphere of the business appears to be right out of a music video or movie!

Keepers Coffee, which began in the Adored Vintage, has since extended to a few small locations throughout the city. The Keeper Coffee carries single-origin coffees from Aesthete Tea, Coava Coffee Roasters, and One Stripe Chai. The coffee menu of the place has been kept pretty simple, with a touch of freshly made pastries and cookies that nicely compliment the cuisine.

The lemon-lavender loaves, rose pistachio shortbread, and peach hand pies are a few examples of the handmade goodness available at the cafe locations. So if you are looking for a beautiful coffee place, The Keeper Coffee is a good option, and now that the new stores have both an inside as well as an outside seating area, you can enjoy the calming fragrance of coffee and freshly baked pastries while sitting outside in the sun. A perfect combination for cold mornings

Deadstock Coffee Roasters

Deadstock Coffee Roasters - Unique coffee that you can find anywhere
Deadstock Coffee Roasters – Unique coffee that you can find anywhere

Address: 408 NW Couch St Suite 408

Deadstock Coffee Roasters offers a unique experience that you can not find anywhere else. Deadstock has a pretty cool and unique footwear selection on display, rather than your usual coffee shop vibe. The whole business, from the footwear and inside to the painting outside, drips with personality.

It’s worth a stop just to see what it’s all about, but the coffee is really excellent. We appreciate that they provide a range of non-dairy milk options, and the oat milk latte we had was as wonderful as we’ve had anyplace. This one-of-a-kind coffee business can be found at 408 NW Couch St Suite 408.

Blend Coffee Lounge

Blend Coffee Lounge - Suggestion for question "coffee lounge near me"
Blend Coffee Lounge – Suggestion for question “coffee lounge near me”

Address: 2710 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217, United States

Blend Coffee Lounge, a local favorite in Portland’s Overlook area, was founded in 2007 and is still run by brothers Brad and Phil Yien. Signature cocktails of the coffee shop include Honey Badgers, which combine espresso and cinnamon with artisanal Bee Organic honey, and Espresso Fizzes, which combine espresso and Q Tonic with Seattle classic Scrappy’s Orange Bitters.

Together with beverages, a short menu of morning fare is available, featuring Petunia’s Pies, Pearl Bakery pastries, and local iconic Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels. Inviting seating spaces are ideal for work, study, and socializing, with plenty of power outlets and Print with Me on-demand printing options.

Never Coffee

Never Coffee - famous for its outstanding coffee
Never Coffee – famous for its outstanding coffee

Address:| 537 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205 | 4243 SE Belmont St UNIT 200, Portland, OR 97215 |

Never Coffee seems to be a strange name for a place that is primarily famous for its outstanding coffee in vibrant bags. A charming little, well-lit Portland café known for its eccentric mood and colorful décor, with an assortment of espresso-based beverages, single-origin coffees, and lattes that compliment and contribute to the store’s distinctiveness!

The coffee shop features unique art on its walls as well as pastel-colored furnishings. Customers’ favorites among the specialty drinks at the Never Coffee Store are flavored lattes delivered in vibrant and colorful ceramic mugs. These highly inventive selections, carefully picked by skilled baristas’ hands, include a very diverse range of seasonally diversified spice flavors including fennel, shishito peppers, and yuzu.

The Never coffee store, the epicenter of all coffee-based experiments, is a working lab that offers a variety of rich coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other choices available. Not only this, their specially curated blends come with many quirky names as well. The Holy Grail is one such example!

Sisters Coffee Company

Sisters Coffee Company - Nice Coffee
Sisters Coffee Company – Nice Coffee

Address: 1235 NW Marshall St, Portland, OR 97209, United States

Winfield and Joy Durham founded the company in 1989 with the goal of providing a unique craft coffee experience. Sisters Coffee, which is still operated by the family, evolves with the times, staying at the forefront of the latest trends and flavors in the coffee market.

Sisters Coffee is a one-of-a-kind coffee shop that serves both old favorites and new seasonal blends. There’s a variety of food to go with great coffee, including freshly baked pastries and innovative eats. Sisters Coffee also serves a vegan breakfast sandwich called the Burnside, which includes a field roast vegan patty, vegan cheese, and homemade aioli.

In terms of value, Sisters Coffee has some of the most affordable prices for quality coffee in the Portland area, making it one of the best coffee shops in Portland.

Final Conclusion About Best Coffee in Portland

If you’re searching for a homey atmosphere with aesthetically pleasing decor and outstanding coffee, you’ll find it in some of Portland’s best cafes and coffee shops.

These Portland coffee businesses are driven by ethically sourced beans and community-centric ideas to extend the coffee industry and put sustainability and sensitivity to the forefront of all they do.

Portland has wonderful cafes for everyone, whether you’d like to try something new or just want a new spin on a classic. Hope that you can find the best coffee in Portland from the above list.

Above are the best coffee in Portland we suggest you should try when going travel from https://skyspace-la.com. Hope you are satisfied with this information.

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